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These durable Manual Stackers are one of the safe and efficient ways of lifting as well as stacking of materials. They are designed for lifting as well as transporting palletized or non-palletized goods. They are also used for unloading trucks in facilities. With their compact designs and user-friendly structures, they are sure to provide the best performance. They come with high quality steel mast with strong steel body to ensure rigidity and toughness. Welded forks with foot & hand controlled lifting function of these Manual Stackers deliver high-end performance.
Semi-Electric Stackers are available in robust design with high-technology in different capacities from 1000, 1500 to 2000 kg. They are available in compact design to provide exceptional maneuverability in small or tight areas. They are well-equipped with handle return gas spring, protection net, brake, protection wheel cap and wheel lock for providing maximum protection to the user. With adjustable fork over width, they can be easily adjusted. In addition, these Semi-Electric Stackers are provided with lifting supporting legs for keeping the stackers steady while lifting or lowering.
Fully-Electric Stackers are designed with floating frame structure to provide the best performance. They come with cold- drown channel steel mast along with full steel protection cover to provide safety from scrapes. These Fully-Electric Stackers are designed with AC drive system for ensuring automatic features. These comfortable and secured stackers are designed with high lifting height that can be adjusted as per the needs. In addition, they are equipped with lead-acid sideway battery for efficient performance.

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